We are a brother and sister team determined to empower women, promote sustainable consumer products, and share sugaring with the world. Growing up, sugaring was a practice used to remove the hair of family and friends. This is a transgenerational recipe that has been passed down for years. As young kids, we saw our Teta (grandma) use this on herself, alongside friends and family. As soon as we reached the appropriate age, we began to use it on ourselves as well. Our mother would use this recipe and give it to those closest to us. Together, we are determined to make this product into something bigger - something that could help create change and follow other sustainable cosmetic lines in the fight against global warming and waste.


With a focus on environmental sustainability and natural cosmetics, Sugar Squared is 100% compostable and is packaged in zero-waste packaging. Information on stone paper for the Vancouver-produced label can be found here.


At-home hair removal is becoming increasingly popular as covid-19 has pushed many of us to take care of our own beauty needs. At-home wax is often made with wasteful and unknown chemicals that are not safe to have on the body. Additionally, the oil used to remove residual wax is also scary. What are we rubbing on our body that disintegrates wax? Hot water is the only thing needed to remove Sugar Squared.