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Gently and effectively remove unwanted body hair with Sugar Squared. This all-natural, sustainable, and no-strip sugar hair removal system was passed down from generations of sugaring users. A tried and true 60+ year-old family recipe that easily pulls hair out by the root while reducing pain, giving you smooth, long-lasting results (up to 7 weeks) without irritating your skin.


From my experience with Sugar Squared, I think it is a very useful product for removing hair and easy enough to use on my own at home.

Jillian S.

I love that Sugar Squared is not only incredibly effective and simple to use, but that it is also locally and organically sourced. It feels great knowing my products are sustainable and natural.

Jane L.

Truly amazed at how easy and effective this product was to use. I am always nervous to use hair removal products on my face. However, Sugar Squared, with its natural ingredients, did the job and gave me confidence. Love it!

Jan D.

I have eczema and it is so hard to find natural products without it irritating my skin. Happy with this!

Kelia C.