Sugaring Tips!

May 2021

Want some more sugaring tips?

We are shipping out orders daily and are so excited for you to try at-home sugaring with Sugar Squared! We have heard from a lot of people who have ordered Sugar Squared so far. Some of you have got it down and should be giving us tips. However, we have heard from some of you that you need a little extra assistance. 



  • Before you sugar, ensure that your skin is clean and free of moisture, oil, and dirt. It is important that the sugar is applied on dry, clean skin.
  • Hair should be at least a quarter-inch long.


  • When warming the jar in hot water, the paste on the edge of the jar will soften first. Scoop the sugar on the edge first.
  • When working with the sugar, it can get tough. Run your fingers under water and gently work it into the paste to "revive" it.


HYBEBAE published a great article that gives some great tips about how to prep the skin and the hair. They write that "before diving in, note that sugaring requires hair to be at least a quarter-inch long for effective removal. This length is typically achieved by letting unwanted hair grow out for at least one month after waxing or sugaring, or 14 days after shaving". We couldn't agree more! 

Refinery 29 published an article titled "Everything You Need To Know About Sugaring" written by Megan Decker. She describes sugaring as "a method of hair removal that typically keeps skin smooth for up to a month and has become popular as a more-natural, often less-painful alternative to waxing". The article continues to discuss sugaring and the some of the benefits associated with this method. They note that wax can be made with "synthetic ingredients, but sugar paste is normally made with only three, naturally-derived ingredients, which makes it hypoallergenic and safe on most skin types". Sugar Squared paste is indeed all natural and free of synthetic ingredients! At the end of this article, there is a informative video that is perfect for anyone needing some extra resources!