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Sugar Squared Reboot!

The Resurgence of Our Family Business: Sugar Squared

Hey everyone! I’m Zain, and together with my older brother Zaha, we’re excited to share our journey of reviving our family business. It’s been a rollercoaster of challenges and growth, and we’re thrilled to be back on this path together. But first, let’s re-introduce our origins:


Al-hmoud Family History

We are a brother and sister team determined to empower women, promote sustainable consumer products, and share sugaring with the world. Growing up in the Middle East, sugaring was a practice used to remove the hair of family and friends. This is a family heirloom recipe that has been passed down for years. As young kids, we saw our Teta (grandma) use this on herself, alongside friends and family. As soon as we reached the appropriate age, we began to use it on ourselves as well. Our mother would use this recipe and give it to those closest to us. Together, we are determined to make this product into something bigger—something that could help create change and follow other sustainable cosmetic lines in the fight against global warming and waste.


Sugar Squared

Three years ago, Zaha and I launched Sugar Squared, a small local business in Vancouver, BC. With a focus on environmental sustainability and natural cosmetics, our products quickly became a local favourite, known for being 100% compostable and packaged in eco-friendly packaging.


The Rollercoaster Journey

With Zaha’s practical skills and my creative ideas, we made a great team. Our business quickly gained a loyal customer base, and we were living our dream. However, reality soon set in. I was still in school, juggling my studies with the demands of the business. Zaha had just accepted a new job that took up most of his time and energy. Despite our enthusiasm, managing both our personal commitments and the business became too much. We reluctantly decided to pause our venture, hoping to return to it someday.


Growth and Learning

During our break, my brother and I focused on our personal growth. I dove into my studies, gaining valuable knowledge that I knew would benefit our business in the future. Zaha, meanwhile, learned a lot in his new job about management and business strategy. Though we were on separate paths, our dream of running the business together never faded.

Two years later, with me nearing the end of my studies and my brother feeling more settled in his career, we decided it was time to give our business another shot. We both had new skills and experiences that we could bring to the table. With a renewed sense of purpose, we were ready to revive our business.

Starting up again, we approached things differently. I took on a bigger role in the creative and operational aspects, while my brother applied his corporate experience to streamline our processes and handle the finances. We planned carefully, learning from our previous challenges to ensure a smoother run this time.


Community Support and Moving Forward

One of the best parts of our journey has been the support from our local community. Our customers, who remembered us from before, were excited about our return. Their encouragement has been incredibly motivating and has reinforced our commitment to providing quality products and great service.


New Website, Enhanced Experience

As part of our revival, we also re-designed our website with a focus on customer experience and the warmth of our brand. We wanted to create a platform that reflects our values and provides a seamless shopping experience. Our new site is user-friendly, visually appealing, and packed with useful information about our products and their benefits.


Exciting New Product Launches

Looking ahead, we are thrilled to announce that we are working on several new products that align with our commitment to sustainability and natural beauty. Stay tuned for the launch of our extended sugaring range, including new formulations for different skin types and innovative packaging solutions to further reduce waste. We are also exploring other natural beauty products that can complement our sugaring line, providing our customers with a holistic approach to sustainable beauty.

Our story is about the ups and downs of running a small business and the strength of family bonds. My brother and I are excited to be working together again, bringing our business back to life. It hasn’t been easy, but we’re grateful for the journey and the support from our community.

We hope our experience can inspire others who might be facing similar challenges. With passion, dedication, and a bit of patience, it’s possible to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

As we move forward, we’re looking forward to seeing our business grow and become a cherished part of our community once again. Here’s to new beginnings and the exciting journey ahead!

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