Made in the 604, June 28

Made in the 604 Appearance

Sugar Squared at the Made in 604 Market at The Pipe Shop

Hey everyone! We’re excited to share our recent experience at the "Made in 604" market at The Pipe Shop at the Shipyards in North Vancouver. This event was a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with our community, share our sustainable products, and have a great time.


Setting Up Our Market Booth

Preparing for the market was an adventure! From designing our booth layout to showcasing our products in the best light, every detail mattered. We loved creating a warm, inviting space where customers could learn about our family story, explore our natural sugaring products, and feel the essence of what Sugar Squared is all about.

The week before the market, my brother and I meticulously packed our products, display materials, and all the essentials needed to create an engaging booth. A few hours before the opening of the market, we arrived early to set up. There was a unique energy in the air as vendors bustled around, setting up their spaces. We carefully arranged our products, ensuring everything looked perfect and welcoming.


Engaging with Customers

One of the most rewarding parts of participating in the market was interacting with customers. We loved sharing the story behind Sugar Squared, from our Middle Eastern roots and family heirloom recipe to our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly packaging. It was always a joy to see people’s eyes light up when they learned about the natural ingredients and eco-friendly practices that go into our products.

We answered questions, offered demonstrations, and even showed how easy and effective our sugaring products are. It’s these personal interactions that made the market experience so special. We also received valuable feedback from customers, which helps us improve and innovate our product line.


Fun and Community Spirit

The market was not just about selling products; it was about being part of a vibrant community. We got to know other local vendors, shared tips, and supported each other. The atmosphere was filled with laughter, music, and the wonderful buzz of people discovering new and unique products.

For Zaha and me, it was a chance to step out from behind the scenes and immerse ourselves in the lively spirit of the local market. We met new people, made connections, and built relationships that extend beyond a single market day.


Looking Ahead

Our participation in the "Made in 604" market was a huge success, and we’re excited to announce that we will be participating in more "Made in 604" markets in the future. These events are an excellent way for us to engage with our community, share our products, and grow our business.

Future Event Details: Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming appearances at future Made in the 604 markets. Follow us on social media for sneak peeks of what we’ll be bringing to the markets and to keep track of our event schedule.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth and supported us. We look forward to seeing you again and continuing to share the Sugar Squared experience with our amazing community!

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